A little about us

Who we are

Brava Food Industries is a private limited Kenyan company. We manufacture both carbonated and non-carbonated non alcoholic soft drinks.


Our aim is to be a world class provider of carbonated soft drinks, fruit juice and bottled still water in Kenya, the East African and Great Lakes Region.


To capture market share and grow profitable sales volumes by manufacturing and consistently availing high quality affordable products to satisfy and exceed our customers and consumrs expectations.

Core Values

Our core values are: quality, integrity, accountability, speed and innovation. We've invested heavily on state of the art production and manufacturing equipment to facilitate innovation based on changing consumer needs.

  • Incredible work! Best refreshment experience ever; affordable, available and one hell of a drink. Would recommend Brava Cola to anyone who is looking for real refreshment. John Gitonga

  • Quality drinks expecially the fruit chocies John Mapombeza